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Experimental Still Life (ESL)

An online course offered by Gabriella Buckingham

Let me take you through the ESL 2021 in this short video.

The course in 2021 started out with value study and mark making, in a super fun way. We then moved onto design, composition and colour study. Gabriella generously shared her secret colour mixing recipe and lots of demo on paper, wood panel and canvas with or without brushes. Geli plate printing and collage techniques were covered. In terms of still life painting, Gabriella magically turned everyday mundane such as a lemon, flora, vessels, mugs, cutlery etc into gorgeous paintings. Besides still life painting, she also demonstrated disrupted realism, painting from memories, painting abstractly etc. We also watched her painting mini series and large pieces. The final stage covered how to finish off a piece of work. There are a lot of information, guidance, tips, pre-recorded videos, live demo etc, all kept in an organised platform and we get one year access to all content.

In terms of support, there is a facebook group for all participants to share work and ask questions. Gabriella and fellow artists are very supportive to each other.

Here are my selected work on paper as a result of taking Gabriella's course. The course is now a self-paced study where you can follow at your own time.

If you think still-life is not for you, I encourage you to reconsider. This course is an eye opener covering lots of techniques to transform your art. The skills can also be applied to other subjects such as portraits!

If you think your current style is not satisfactory, this course is perfect for you. See below two paintings. On the left is my very first oil painting by copying masterpiece. On the right is a still life I did about a year before taking Experimental Still Life course. In just few weeks, my style has changed!

Click below button to learn more about course details and fee. Alternatively, you can try the free course here from 11-15 May before joining the 7 weeks course. It's not too late to take action. [update: The course is now a self-paced study where you can follow at your own time.]

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